In business since 1987, Mason Associates is one of very few educational consultant firms that truly specializes and focuses solely on the interests and unique needs of children, adolescents and young adults whose educational needs are not being met in their current school setting or at home. We excel in two areas:

Unlike the smaller, often single-person, consulting offices that lack the staff depth or time to meet clients’ often-complicated needs, and to follow-up after the placement has been made, we have put together a seasoned team to quickly and expertly serve our families and their advisors - educators, school and college administrators, lawyers, fiduciaries, physicians and mental health professionals - with personalized service and senior-level expertise at competitive rates.

The best lawyers, doctors and other busy professionals specialize: you don’t hire a litigator to prepare your estate documents, or an ob/gyn to do your heart bypass. In fact, if you need a bypass, you try to hire the busiest cardiac surgeon you can get. We believe this also is true of educational consulting: Mason Associates are active, well-respected specialists serving sophisticated clients from across the country and around the world, yet we quickly can focus our cumulative experience to address the immediate needs of each individual student.

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