Emergency or Crisis Placements

Crisis Procedures (printer-friendly format)

In some instances, however, placement decisions must be made quickly. Our deep staff, long experience, extensive personal networks, and thorough familiarity with the programs help us guarantee we will get the job properly done in a timely manner, regardless of circumstances. We have a well-earned reputation for working late nights and weekends to help families through a crisis. We don't like emergencies either, but we know what to do when one finds us. We usually can arrange an intervention within 24 hours.

The therapeutic schools journey often is long and multi-stepped; each child's needs will vary, and change, as he or she moves through time in treatment. It is not unusual to transfer programs as the student masters emotional, behavioral and educational objectives. One starts, however, wherever and whenever the situation demands. Parents often are forced to act before they are ready. Crisis creates vulnerability at the exact same time that experience and cool heads are most needed. We are always ready to help.

If a child is in extreme distress, he or she may already be hospitalized or is being maintained at home in an intensive out-patient program. If there have been multiple hospitalizations or difficulty keeping up the out-patient treatment schedule, parents and their clinical advisors may decide that residential placement would be safer for the child and/or less draining for the family.

Sometimes the crisis is triggered by a blowup at home or school, an event that gets the student in trouble with the law, or some other occurrence that finally tips the parents to action. When that time comes, it is essential to begin treatment at the right level, in the proper milieu. Special needs care is expensive, and it takes time. There can be no tolerance for delaying your child's healing or wasting family resources by placing them in the wrong school.

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