For Foreign Nationals Seeking US or Canadian Education

Mason Associates has found itself increasingly called upon to help foreign nationals find an appropriate educational setting in the US or Canada.  American education remains the United States’ highest quality export, and our experience and knowledge has equipped us to help place foreign students in best-fit boarding schools throughout North America. 

The process of determining the best type of school setting for a student whose schooling background is different from the mainstream North American education system is complex and challenging.  Mason Associates has successfully placed students from all over the world by tuning into the unique situation each case represents.  We know how to answer the questions parents have:

  • Will my child get what he/she needs by attending a North American boarding school?
  • What schools represent the “best fit?”
  • Will those schools accept my son/daughter?
  • How do we apply to the best schools?
  • How do we navigate the legal, financial, and governmental hurdles that lie ahead?
  • Where do we get help with the logistics of actually getting my child to his new school?
  • Who can help monitor my son’s/daughter’s progress during his/her first months away from home?
  • Where do we start?

Mason Associates is ready to facilitate every aspect of the process.  Through personalized care we guide parents through each stage, from initial conversations and record review to determine what that “best fit” is to help with making application, arranging visa and travel, providing escort service and orientation upon arrival, and monitoring the student’s progress throughout the school year.  Our extensive experience with hundreds of schools in the US and Canada combined with our internationally experienced staff of educators and counselors has prepared us to do it all. 

Whether it is an urgent “crisis response” situation (we have facilitated placements in as short a time as a few days) or a more deliberate longer-term planning process, we are ready to help.  Parents wanting college, summer camp, enrichment or other additional consulting services not in our portfolio will be introduced to the best practitioners of those specialties through our extensive collegial networks.

For help in placing your child in the right school setting in the US or Canada, contact Mason Associates at +1-802-425-7600, through Skype at mason_associates (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, US Eastern Standard Time) or use our online inquiry form.

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