For Families Working Abroad

One of the fastest growing aspects of our work is serving families who are living and working abroad and whose children attend an international school.  Parents turn to Mason Associates for help when they find that their child’s needs exceed the capacity of his/her school.  We understand the particular challenges these parents face:

  • Frequently they are located in a city with few if any alternatives for international families.
  • Most international schools do not have access to information about educational placements in the child’s home country.
  • Diagnosis and intervention services are difficult to find and when identified, often are ineffective because of language or cultural barriers.
  • Attempts to find a solution through internet search fail because of the overwhelming amount of information available.  It is very difficult to sort through the maze of websites promising help.
  • Finding an alternative educational setting is frequently an urgent manner, with no time to lose in finalizing a solution.
  • Once the optimum placement setting is identified, the process of gaining admission, arranging travel and visas, ensuring a smooth transition, and monitoring progress during those critical first few weeks can be very complicated.
  • For non-American families, there are few options back home either.
  • Trusted professional help is required.

Understanding these challenges, Mason Associates is experienced in finding the right “fit” for international students.  Our team includes an educator whose 21 years experience as Head of international schools in Europe, Asia, the Mideast, and Latin America gives us a deep understanding of the needs of international families.   We understand the unique experience of the TCK (“third country kid”) and the stresses and strains on a family living abroad, and we work with parents to address these added factors when searching for a new school.

Our twenty years experience working with families from all over the world enables us to help with a wide range of needs.  We have worked with the US Department of State, domestic and foreign multinational corporations, overseas consultants/agents, international schools, and private individuals to meet families’ desires to find help for their children. Our clients have relied on us to help them find:

  • Traditional boarding schools in the US or Canada.
  • Understanding and help for learning disabilities that cannot be accommodated in the current location.
  • Schools with intensive English studies in addition to cultural immersion.
  • Therapeutic schools and special placements to deal with children who lack motivation, are socially out of control, or exhibit self-destructive behaviors.
  • Assessment resources to help pinpoint the “drivers” of an overseas child’s problems.

As one of the oldest and busiest consulting firms in the US we use our personal connections with hundreds of schools, programs and camps to quickly and efficiently solve the intricacies of an overseas placement. We also advise families on the compatibility and desirability of the various international curriculums – IB, AP, British, etc. – as they weigh the benefits of having their child educated away from home. We can arrange concierge and homestay accommodations.  Mason Associates successfully walks families through the whole process, from “crisis response” (we have facilitated placements in as short a time as a few days) to longer-term planning.  Finally, parents wanting college, summer camp, enrichment or other additional consulting services not in our portfolio will be introduced to the best practitioners of those specialties through our extensive collegial networks.

For help in placing your child in the right international student placement, contact Mason Associates at +1-802-425-7600, through Skype at mason_associates (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday, US Eastern Standard Time) or use our online inquiry form.

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