Help for Troubled Teens

Crisis Procedures Guide (printer-friendly format)

Our firm’s steady growth and high professional reputation is built on a record of fast, effective, empathic service at reasonable cost. Mason Associates has over 20 years of experience helping “get the job done” for the parents of troubled kids around the world. Our goal is to rekindle hope; our staffing and professional experience enable us to find the right “fit” quickly and efficiently. And we support our parents through the placement.

The chart below details each step Mason Associates takes to place a child in an appropriate school or program.

We occasionally are asked to find immediate placement for a client whose child is in crisis. While unusual, we can intervene within 24 hours if the safety of the child or the home is an issue.
More ideally however, a more deliberative and inclusive special needs placement process is begun. If the child already is away from home, in a wilderness program, hospital or institutional setting, for example, the family will have adequate time to pull together the necessary clinical, educational and social/behavioral data to inform the planning process. The resulting plan usually will have the student transition directly back home, or to the next school.

Special needs placements often are multi-stepped, requiring changes in therapeutic milieu, educational intensity, social context, physical setting, etc., over time. In these situations it usually is the parents’ desire to have Mason Associates stay involved for some or all of the student’s progression. We expect to remain available to confer with, and to advise school and milieu staff, local school authorities, family advisors and all others integral to the student’s progress.


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